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May 15  -   

    Okay, Congressman Curtis has unveiled 'his' (kinda) bill establishing a new National Monument in Emery County.  While we applaud the concept, the actual bill horrifies us on several fronts.  One,  it was authored by HAWAII Congressional Representatives NOT anyone from Emery County!  Curtis is only a 'Johnnie-Come-Lately' as one of a bunch of 'co-sponsors.'  THAT is not Public Policy but policy by 'fiat.'

    There are many FAILURES in the bill, primary among them is the Failure to solve the road right-of-way issue (RS2477), which has been a Utah issue with BLM/Forest Service for several decades.

    While it does set up a 2450 acres Jurassic National Monument, it doesn't really help Emery County.  It will only 'help' by providing tourists to Emery County and the jury is still out if that helps or not, right?

    AND, by-the-way,  WILDERNESS is NOT PUBLIC LAND, John !!   The bill moves 436,643 acres of wilderness “study areas” into permanent wilderness status and adds 141,343 more acres to a total of 577,986 acres. 

   By Federal Land Definition, to be wilderness you can only see one other human being in a 24-hour period - or one other person per day.  You hike in and leave nothing behind, so you have to be physically fit and of an age to walk in and out with everything you need on your back! Then you have to have enough 'disposable income' to afford the equipment, time-off AND the travel expenses!  That "elite-ism" is only one flaw of this bill!! THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS LOCKED OUT OF THESE PUBLIC LANDS by a) physical limitations, b) economic limitations, and c) motivated to want to get out into the 'wilderness.' Therefore, “Public Lands are NOT Wilderness!”

   Sorry, SUWA and environmentalists, that's the way we see it!!   ​But we do agree with SUWA's TV ads, "This is NOT a good bill."

May 9   -   -  

     Today we learned that three prisoners being held in North Korea for a year or more.  Two were teachers and all three were previously "tried and found guilty" of offenses against the State of North Korea.  

      This step was taken by North Korea in preparation for the forthcoming Summitt Meeting between Pres. Trump and the No. Korean Dictator.  The same man who was full of bluster and vinegar a few months ago and when he threatened to send a nuclear missile to Guam and then the mainland of America - to which Trump promised "Fire and Fury."

     It will be interesting to see what these two men come up with in their Summitt Meeting.

 We will have to see what they come up with  . . .. . maybe Trump and Kim will BOTH get Nobel Peace Prizes - can Trump share??

We have yet to see any evidence of that!

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April  28         -          -

      Democrat State Convention was held yesterday (Sat. April 27) and James Courage Singer was chosen as the 3rd District Congressional Candidate.  Funny thing, he only mentioned John Curtis  .   .   .   feeling a little bit overlooked . . .   nah - ah - h !!!!  :-)   

       Also,  United Utah Party held its State Convention in Midvale, I think.  Anyway, they only had about 35 attendees.  And Melaine McChoard was officially endorsed as the other Third Congressional District Candidate.  That means I will be the only real conservative in the race - unless Chris Herrod wins the GOP primary in June.

       Yeah for me!!

Nuff for Now   .   .   . 


April  23           -            -

     Fully endorsed by IAP State Convention, yeah!

     John Curtis is facing a Primary against Chris Harrod  -  same opponents as last year.  Yet, now, I am in the final race between July and Nov.  While I realize Curtis has much more $$ then I do, I have more contacts in San Juan Clounty, Wasatch County, Grand and Carbon County then he does.  Grand Co.  may be more liberal than I am and more in Curtis' camp, until I tell them about his sexual harassment charges (that could really sour a lot of moderate-to-liberal from voting for Curtis !  at least that's the plan!!)

   Democrat's State Convention will be next weekend, so the full ticket will be set then, unless they have a primary too.

   Today I received my second endorsement, from Crystal Young-Otterstrom, the Executive Director of the Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance.  I took their survey and apparently 'passed.'  This is more for the minority vote and the moderate-to-liberal voters.

     Also started the Equality Utah survey but couldn't finish it, it was too much government intervention and regulation sought for this independent !  We shall see, but I'm not holding my breath!

Nuff for Now  .  .  . 

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April 21         -         -          -

      Two events were planned today.

1)  Barbara Bush's Funeral and she will be laid to rest in Houston, TX.

     She would have made a better POSTUS than either her husband (Bush 41)  OR her son (Bush 43), but she was too intelligent to run!

    He daughter-in-law would have made an excellent VPOTUS, too.


     Both of these two men married well above them  .  .  .  as many of us guys end up doing!

2)  IAP State Convention

     This will be where I give a speech and look for the delegate endorsement as the IAP Congressional Candidate for Utah's Third District seat.

      John Curtis won the seat last Nov. (2017) and has been 'in office' for six months (6 mo) and is now running for his first full term.  (Utah GOP State Convention is also today, but in SLC; while the IAP meets in Provo)

More Later . . . . . 

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April 13

    President trump announced the launch of precision strikes against Syrian bases from which chemical weapons AGAIN came from and were horrifically used (Sevin, a nerve agent, and chloride gas) against Assad's own people.

    Although it was a combined military effort of US, British and French troops and equipment, it was almost comforting that Trump also mentioned diplomatic as well as military efforts.

     His calling out of Russia as a potential party of participation in this attack was also a good move.  

​    Trump also mentioned the US is not looking for a permanent presence in Syria but that the action is a "sustained mission" despite wanting to get American Troops home, as soon as applicable and possible.

    Why is it none of hte Washington types realize the US will be 'involved' in the Mid-East for the foreseeable future - either fighting WITH Israel or fighting against their opposition  . . .  at least until the Mount of Olives splits.  It has all been mapped out and planned already, by a much higher power!

     Nuff for now   .   .  .


April  9

    China's response to the tariff increases was to raise the tariffs on 129 American products and Trump announced more increases on China.  

     Folks,  what we have hre is a good old fashioned Trade War.  Yep, this is what it looks like.  Tit for Tat, this for that.  No one wins and all the little guys lose !

    And Trump said a Trade War would be good  .  .  .  for him, but what about the little guys?  POTUS you gotta pull your head out and think of others, not just be so self-centered, dude!

But then he is the poster boy for Narcissism Anonymous !!

What do we expect??

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April 5           -           - 

    Not letting any moss grow on him, Trump is at it again with moves in Immigration, Trade and more; all while Congress is on the Easter Break.

   On immigration he sent National Guard troops to the southern border to increase security. At this point there aren't many details on cost, numbers of troops or extend of the 'assignment.'

    Both Presidents Obama and bush have used troops in the recent past on the border:  Obama sent 1200 troops and Bush sent 6,000;  so this is not unprecedented, but there are legal issues about it too.

     AND in other areas, Trump's move last month to increase tariffs on imports of Aluminum and Steel has brought a response from China, which increased tariffs on 129 products which include beef, pork, what and electronics, as well as automobiles.  Wait, isn't that the definition of a "Trade War" ??  H-m-m

​    Here in Utah this could be impactful !!  Just in the Pork Producing industry, which a $141 million industry annually just here in Utah, with $21 million going to China.  The impact is yet to be determined, but officials are already scrambiing to seek new markets to take up the anticipated slump or 'impact.'  THEN add the impact to Iowa, Indiana and other areas the extent of just that one tiem for just Pork Producers.

     There there is beef, wheat and the other 100+ items!!  Do we really want to have a trade war with one our largest trade 'partners?'  Really?  Keep a watchful eye on this topic, as we will too !!  And we will keep you appraised right here.  Stay tuned !

Nuff for now !        -        -   

April 2             -             -

  Trump wants to withdraw troops from Syria?  Really?   Is the Syrian Conflict OVER?  Is Syria stable, are Syrians safe now?  Hell NO!  So what is he talking about?  Nobody knows, not even his new NSA or Secty of State, or any policy advisor!

   And this one wasn't a tweet!!  The Tweet'n'Chief is still at it . . . yet, we still need someone to take that Twitter Account away from the man, P-L-E-A-S-E !!

   Was this an instance of foot-in-mouth?  Secret Service agents need to protect POTUS' knee, because he would disappear if someone shoved hard enough on that self-same knee.  Would that be a bad idea??   H-m-m-m

   And then there is the VA Mess.  Did Trump fire Secty David Shulin or did he quit?  What really matters is if Ron Johnson, the Trump doctor who is now the designee to replace Shulkin, moves to privatize the VA  .  .  .  over my dead body!!   that won't help anyone but the stupid insurance companies!!  But then, that may be what we get with an inept 'business' President.

  Nuff for Now  ---

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March 29  -  Passover

   Yes, although I am not Jewish I do celebrate a non-traditional, semi-kosher type of Passover. doe;sn't Exodus 12:14 call for ALL of the House of Israel, by "commandment and by ordinance," celebrate 'this night' forever?

     Since I am from the Tribe of Ephraim, according to my Patriarchal Blessing, I therefore follow the celebration of Passover, in my own way.

     Okay, I'm weird - so so say my kids, and my wife, and most people who know my real extentricities.  But . . . 

     Yes, I had my annual allotment of grape juice and Matzo, bitter herbs, salt water and eggs for another year.  

      For those who don't know about the WHY we, even as Christians, are suppose to celebrate Passover, check it out!

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March 19            -

  Getting ready for Causus Nite.  GOP and Dem Caucus' are scheduled for various locations (GOP = various Elementary Schools;  Utah Dems= at Provo High school; Constitution Party in Mapleton, etc.)

    Asked our State Chair (IAP - Independent American Party) if he could use my Accountability and Hom issue papers for the visitors to our neighborhood caucus, to kind of explain the IAP views and principles, besides the website..  We'll see.

-    -    -    -    -    -

March 15, 2018                  -                 -

    Today I filed to be a candidate for Utah's Third Congressional Seat.  There is a full crop of fellow 'nuts' certifying they all want a go at the current holder of this seat, Congressman John Curtis.  This seat was held, previously, by Jason Chaffetz.  He resigned to take a job at CNN as a consultant (ostensibly) but we believe he is planning to run for his NEXT office, that of Governor of the State of Utah in 2020. 

     We also believe he will have several other candidates running against Chaffetz .  .  .  including, we expect:  Josh Romney, Greg Hughes (both of which could become Jason's Lt. Gov ticket partner), et al. 

      For that we will have to wait and see, but this 2018 campaign for the 3rd District seat includes a full cadre of candidates, too.  Besides Curtis the incumbant, we have four (4) Republicans: former State Rep. Chris Herrod (who ran against Curtis in 2017), Steven Stromness, Henry Kneitz III, Michael D. Leavitt; two (2) Democrats:  Kent Moon and James Singer (although Mr. Singer also states he is NOT a member of a political party); and two (2) third party candidates:  Melanie McCoard (member of the Utah United Party) and Gregory C. Duerden (member of the Independent American Party of Utah - and this blogger).                               Nuff for Now!! 



IAP of Utah State Convention Delegates, in Convention, Provo​                (on 21 April 2018)        

                                                               ​* Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance,         (23 April 2018,  Salt Lake City, Utah)

​* Jason Christensen, IAP State Chair and candidate for Utah County Clerk

* Dan Powell, IAP State Vice Chair

* Clint Rhinehart, IAP State Secretary

* Reed McCandless, IAP candidate for Utah's U.S. Senate

* David Else,  IAP candidate for Utah State House seat District 40


* Gregory Hmura, IAP candidate for Utah State House seat District 59

* Keith Kelsch, IAP candidate for Utah State House seat District 75

* Curt Crosby, IAP candidate for Utah State House seat District 27

*Aaron Heinman, IAP candidate for Utah State House seat District 48

* Warren Rogers, IAP candidate for Utah State House seat District 68

* Tamara 'Tammy' P. Long, IAP candidate for Davis County Commissioner Seat A

Melvin A. Coonrod, IAP candidate for Carbon County Commissioner



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