​Politically Active and Aware

Gregory C. Duerden

My 2018 Platform 

#1  -  Accountability of elected officials and

          the Proper Role of Government

#2  -  Working to keep Congressional spending

         (thereby controlling Federal spending) under

         control, as they did previously but haven't

         done or even attempted in recent memory -

         say the last 30 to 50 years by either of the

         major parties.  

​#3  -  FIX the Harm the  'RED COATS' (GOP)  and 'BLUE COATS'(Dems) have done after multiple decades of lies and tweeks under a one-party monopoly in various states (GOP in UTAH, Dems in WA, & California, etc.) by providing good and proper leadership in an elected office FOR UTAH & CONGRESS.  We haven't had Good Leadership from our elected officials for a long, long time  .  .  .  certainly not within our current crop!  Voters can make a difference and send the message WE WANT BETTER and real leaders again, Vote for someone other than a Red Coat or a Blue Coat (both 'major' parties are corrupt and don't care about voters, all of them are members of the "Just Get Re-Elected" Party!! Find a better choice, a CLEAR Choice . . . Vote the corrupt and tainted OUT!!)

#4  -  Establishing real-world Conflict of Interest regulations, with teeth on a federal level FOR ALL LEVELS of Government (Federal, State, Local, Municipal, and all sub-divisions - e.g., agencies, commissions, boards, et al)  Not a 'wink' at conflicts and maybe a slap on the hand, but a law with real TEETH (both molars and incisors!)  ( Query: When will the VOTERS wake up and throw the corrupt and tainted 'BUMS' OUT?  Send them home to get real jobs!!)

#5  -  Establishing a Campaign Finance CAP  A max-limit for fundraising and spending on any single election cycle of twice (2X) the annual salary for ANY elected office  -  including Federal offices!! e.g.,  Mia Love and Doug Owens  each  spent over $10 million in their 2016 campaigns; which is unconscionable!!  How dare YOU!!!  .  .  .  We currently use the salary figure to determine the filing fee for elected office, why not tie the Campaign Cap to the same thing??!!  

#6  -  We pledge to attempt to cut income taxes​  (both personal and business),  working toward the elimination of the Sales Tax on food   (NATIONALLY!)

​#7  - We pledge to work on legislation to bring the federal government back into alignment with the Constitution, even to the point of eliminating non-constitutionally authorized departments/functions

THAT would be really cutting back government thereby CUTTING THE BUDGET!!  (Funny how that works!;-) 

#8  -  Supporting a sound military, and removing the Sequester penalty on DOD, -                         our Navy needs several dozen ships just to maintain sufficient strength levels;

Coast Guard needs significantly more manpower allotments and more slots in the Coast Guard Academy;                                                                                                                                              Air Force manning levels are insufficient for Operational Readiness in many combat squadrons, not to mention enough operational planes, current bomber numbers are less than 124 down from double that from just 20 years ago (and Trump wants a whole new 'space force'  (?? as cartoon-y as that sounds  -  I know, .  .  .  we can call them Jedi's!! Nope, that name is copyrighted by George Lucas, right?);                                                                                                                                 

Army units are likewise behind in manning and operational equipment levels, as are the

Marine Corp, which has always needed more current weapons not just the hand-me-downs from the Navy and the surplus of other services. 

#9  -  We will promise to be as open and transparent as possible  -  with the two exceptions of national/state security matters, real estate transactions specifically, but generally we will still provide as much information as possible, as soon as possible.  We will not, as policy, refuse any Public Information or Freedom of Information requests, NOR punish those who make multiple requests, NOR make the fees too 'heavy' or outrageous for a normal citizen to afford for ANY FOI/PI REQUEST!! 

#10  -  Probably the largest windmills we will tilt at is the FEDERAL DEBT and Government Spending - you need to dig into the individual issue paper to grasp the need and impact of these two critical issues.

#11 -  We would work toward major infastructure legislation, especially targeting the bridges and infastructures in the rural areas at least equally to metro areas.

​#12  -  Support and defend both the Constitution of the United States AND State Constitutions "from any and all enemies, both foreign and domestic" as all Veterans swear at the time they 'join' the Armed Forces, and no one releases them from this oath even at the time of their discharge!!


 Not all candidates for elected office in the State of Utah can honestly make that claim!!  Some recent 'Red Coats' and judges in the State of Utah commit perjury when they raise their arm and swear to uphold and sustain both the Constitution of the State of Utah AND the U.S. Constitution and then FAIL to uphold and sustain them.    Think About IT!!


Platform of Issues for the 2018 Congressional Race (3rd District)