​Politically Active and Aware

Gregory C. Duerden

Duerden 2018 Congressional Campaign Ticket Issues Paper

  Independents & Unaffiliated & Disaffected VOTERS      HAVE A ​Home with the Independent American Party                                     of Utah  (IAP)

                                                     WE  THE  PEOPLE  are taking our Freedoms back!  

                                         We are unapologetic patriotic   INDEPENDENT  AMERICANS!!

                       "Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.                                                        THE PEOPLE themselves are its only safe depositories."

      We believe that peace, prosperity and Freedom are based upon three (3) care pillars:

                         The Declaration of Independence,

                                 The Constitution of the United States of America,

                                        and the Bill of Rights,

     and that we must adhere to these founding documents and the principles espoused within them, to keep our Liberty.          THIS HAS NOT BEEN DONE FOR THE PAST 50 TO 100 YEARS!

    If you want REAL change, return to the basic principles professed by our Founding Fathers,                                              (see: http://IAMRU.org ).

                      "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties,                                                 each arranged under its leader and concerting measures in opposition to each other.  This,                                                   in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our                                                             Constitution."                                                             -- John Adams, Oct. 12, 1789

     The mission of the Independent American party of Utah is to promote daily respect for life, liberty and property; as well as traditional families; individual, state and national sovereignty  -  with a reliance on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Bill of rights  -  by political and educational means, and by the Hand of Providence.

      The function of the Party is to elect honest, wise and moral people who will defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.  We do this by the PEOPL Process  (People Electing Only Principled Leaders)  -  see: http://PEOPL.us - or "citizen government."

      Our Declaration of Independence says, in part:

 "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"  (that 'Happiness' being defined as the right to own property).

 "That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers form the consent of the governed  .  .  ."     Both Socialism and Communism exclude these rights!

      Our goal is to help thousands of Americans, in every county, organize against the abuse of power by the federal and other governments entities through education and networking with other conservative groups.  The two major parties leaders have abdicated their oath to defend the Constitution and protect our rights, leaving this principle behind in favor of party politics, establishing their own power kingdom (as they assume) and gaining more power/money/influence to get re-elected and stay in  power.'

       Common Law is the People's Law, and is to be administered by the people for the benefit and protection of the people.  It preserves and protects the unalienable rights given by our Creator.  All who claim honors or privileges have no place in Common Law.  Over and over, the Supreme Court has recognized the validity and violation of the principles of Common Law in America.

        It is the desire of the Independent American Party of Utah to restore our Constitutional Republic, as originally intended  -  not a democracy [mob rule] leading to socialism/communism.  Recent generations have not been diligent in keeping socialism out of America.  Our Founders did it, we can do it again, then we can again expect major miracles from the Hand of Providence.

      Like out Founding Fathers, the new Independent American Party of Utah believes the divine hand of the Supreme Ruler leads, guides and protects our sacred efforts.  As a party of Prayer, Principles, Purpose and Patriotism,we do not promote a specific religion, but declare that this nation was founded on Christian principles.  No religion is excluded, if it is a true religion.

                                                         NEED FOR A THIRD PARTY Today !

       Two recent studies of American voters show the majority of Americans see a need for a third party today. The i-citizen.com survey (14-16 June 2017) came out to say 7 of 10 Americans say the two major parties (R & D) DO NOT represent them! Rand Paul often jokes he'd be happier if we actually had a second party . . . these two are “more alike than different.”

      And the support for a third party is across the boards. With 84% of 'Millennials,' 78% of people under 50; 54% of Republicans and 68% of Democrats all consider a third party is necessary. Only 16% found the two parties do a good job, with 14% who are unsure (in the i-citizen.com survey).

        Another 2017 survey, an NBC News poll, was reported in a Dec. 11, 2017, column by Ron Paul. In his piece, 66% of Millennials surveyed believe neither 'R's nor 'D's are doing a 'good job.'   Paul calls Washington a “one-party system” which believes that winning and being in power is “more important than standing for something” (having principles worth holding and using as guides) … thereby NOT achieving anything worthwhile.

      “If a new party could come together and agree on basic principles while agreeing to disagree on other less important priorities” (welfare programs, 'their' own personal agenda, budgetary priorities of power, getting fampaign donations and getting re-elected, etc.), can become a “formidable movement toward peace and prosperity.” Let's hope these surveys provide inspiration for a . . . real movement (like the IAP) in the United States!!

      Another advantage of a third party would mean no single party could have a majority of a legislative body with several members of a third party, unless it is like Utah with only a handful of Dems with 95-96% 'Red Coats' . . . we just need a dozen third party members to 'even' things out and let the others learn the correct principles of proper government!!! 

                                                    Our Invitation!

       We invite all Utahns and all Americans to join the Independent American Party, to work together, set aside "party politics as usual," and do what our Founder did:  ESTABLISH Limited Government that blesses its citizens with prosperity rather than tyranny.  That is the purpose for which people came to America!

        The only way is humble ourselvesstripping away the "spirit of party" warned against by George Washington,    John Adams, and other Founders.   They initiated a system with separation of powers and checks and balances to keep government within its bounds.  We are NOW out of bounds!

        May we suggest you seriously consider voting for the following 'Principled Leaders' versus the 'Un-Principled Party Politics  RED COATS' who are candidates for political office THIS YEAR  (Nov. 6, 2018):

                                                    Indep. American Party (IAP)                          Other 3rd Parties                                              RED COATS   



                                             Reed C. McCandless                   Tim Aalders (Const)                Mitt Romney,                                                                      

US Congress:

         Dist. 3 -                      Gregory C. Duerden                                                                      John Curtis (>1 yr. incumbant)



         Dist.  15  -                   Tommy Williams                                                                         Keith Grover (Open Seat)

Utah House of Representatives:

         Dist.  27  -                   Curt Crosby                                                                                (open seat with 7 GOP challengers) 

         Dist.  40  -                   David Else                                                                              Lynn Hemingway (D) (incumbant)    

         Dist.  48  -                   Aaron Heineman                                                                         Keven Stratton  (incumbant) 

         Dist.  59  -                   Gregory Hmura                                                                           Val Peterson (incumbant) 

         Dist. 68  -                    Warren Rogers                     Kirk Pearson (Const.)                    Merrill Nelson  (incumbant) 

         Dist. 75  -                    Keith Kelsch                                                                                Walt Brooks  (incumbant)