Gregory C. Duerden


​Politically Active and Aware


-  the good, the bad, the ugly!!

 Utah has an excellent example of the best and worst of Healthcare. Healthcare is NOT a right, sorry!! Healthcare can be abusive – AND healthcare can be OVER REGULATED!! The best example, to me, is the Medicare Diagnostic coding system which is both abusive and an overly awfully and often is an unspecific diagnostic system!! Whoever came up with that should be drawn and quartered!!

In Utah we have good caring doctors and physicians, nurses and P.A.s (!!), most administrators and even some healthcare executives – but that is a rare breed indeed! Insurance companies are usually NOT good, caring folk – especially those in upper executive levels (because they are too isolated from the policy holders and are looking only at the bottom line figures, etc.  I have a step-son, that I love dearly, who is NOT in that specific category even if he works for Blue Cross/Blue Shield).

My father was a public health educator and university professor, so this is near and dear to my heart. But Healthcare in America is a MESS! VA Healthcare is abysmal – and I'm both a Vet and a patient of the VA system, I know whereof I am speaking. I have been a VFW Service Officer to too many years to not be frustrated with the VA system.  I also have a niece who is a ER Doctor, I have a granddaughter who wants to become a doctor (but is only in college and that may change, you know) and a nephew who graduates this May from Med School  .  .  .  so - o     

 Do I think the VA Secretary should be fired?  I don't know why he was put into that job or why anyone would want to take on that GIANT issue without a division of armor backing him up AND close air-support!  The bureacracy is one of the big problems!  PRIVATIZING THE VA  WILL NOT FLY nor solve the issues !!  Too much work needs to be done to change the climate and the 'denial' policy mentality - hoping the Vet dies before they have to start paying - which has to be circumcised before much progress can really be done. 

I can't solve this MESS by myself. But I can listen, talk and help (!!) to make it better for the rest of my fellow Vets and their families . . .               AND that is what I pledge to do.

AND THEN THERE IS  the Affordable Care Act (aka:  Obamacare)  

     In my estimation, this is a bi-partisian bill (BOTH SIDES VOTED FOR IT and then the RED COATS felt the pain from their constituents and they started whining about it.  Whay-boo !)  Despite the supposed 'pain' the GOP feel, they still can't (and HAVEN"T done anything) do anything about it, despite the President urging them and twisting arms on Capitol Hill  .  .  .  a Couple of Times already.  Congress repealed the horrid mandate, thank goodness! But they have to have something to fill the vacuum from shutting down the ACA. So, what is their solution?  Obamacare-lite?

     The public has to realize this is better than it was in the recent past, and unless they are the ones who lived without healthcare for years before and had no coverage for their family and children . . .  they need to accept it and live with it until a better solution comes up.  Not saying that is in the near future, obviously; but, at least the 'manadate' requirement has been lifted (that's progress!!)

      I wonder why the RED COATS whine and cry about 'Obamacare'  so much when they lived through the mess of HMOs and outrageous monthly premium jumps of the '80s and '90s .... remember?  I DO!!  The Healthcare Industry has been broken, literally, for multiple decades, folks! SURPRISE!! This is nothing new!!    It didn't start with Obama nor the Democrats ... but where were the GOP solutions in that time??              Hillary worked on the Children's Insurance issue (CHIPs), as the First Lady, and got CHIPs running (another bi-partisan plan the RED COATS are trying to de-fund, cut, and do away with step by step) and they all voted for it!!     BUT the GOP didn't come up with any bills to combat or push through instead, did they!!  So the crying Red Coats can just shut up and try again or quit the whining already!!

AS I SAID ALREADY:  I can't solve this MESS by myself. But I can listen, talk and help (!!) to make it better for the rest of US  . . . that is what I pledge to do.     I ALSO pledge to join with like-minded conservatives in Congress to multiply the power AND DO OUR BEST for "WE THE PEOPLE"  - something most in Congress have failed to remember!