​Politically Active and Aware

Gregory C. Duerden

A ​VETERAN & a TOP 'Tail-Gunner'

      Duerden is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, where he enlisted to be a Defensive Fire Control Specialist (Combat Crewmember, Tail-gunner for B-52).  Going through 'Gunner's School' at Castle AFB (Atwater, CA) he graduated #1 in his class, with the highest point total for both the classroom and practical (flying) portion of the course in the school's history, up to that time -  so,  he was a "Top Gun" years before the movie of the same name came out  - he also had a motorcycle until he turned 63, but now he is older and wiser, but he still wants to just get another one . . . he misses all the fun!  


     He cross-trained to be a Unit Historian and wrote quarterly unit histories for the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing at Langley AFB, VA. This training and Air Force Specialty as a journalism shred-out, became a gateway to his newspaper career for the next 40+ years. As the unit historian he was the lone junior enlisted member of the Wing Commander's staff, and he held a Secret security clearance. For his time in the service he earned an Honorable Discharge.

      Returning to Provo, Utah, with his pregnant wife (Kathy - she gave birth to his first son in Provo) and their four girls (three were born while he was in the Air Force). He worked at several jobs - Psych Aide at the Utah State Mental Hospital's Forensic Ward (for the criminally insane), BYU staff as the postal meter operator of the BYU Post Office in the Wilkinson Center, worked at Jones Paint and Glass in the Paint Store, in the Glass Warehouse, and managed a store for a brief period in Roosevelt, Utah.  He also worked as a logging truck driver for a saw mill in the Uintah Basin, starting writing as a column for the Basin Weekly (in Vernal) then promoted to Staff Writer covering Duchesene County news and government;  and that began his 45 year newspaper career. 


      After he was at the Basin Weekly in Vernal, he became a reporter for the Uintah Basin Standard, being promoted to editor. While living in the Uintah Basin his youngest son was born. He became a stinger for the Salt Lake Tribune and was a reporter for KSL radio and for KVEL radio in Vernal.  He went from the Uintah Basin to Rifle, Colorado, as editor of the Rifle Telegram.  He left that job and became the News Director at KDBL radio in Rifle. He left that to be the editor of the Snowmass Sun in Aspen, and was an on-air TV reporter for Grassroots TV in Aspen. He was also the managing editor of the Uinta County Herald (Evanston, WY), wrote articles for the Ogden Standard-Examiner; sold health insurance and then became the publisher and owner of the start-up newspaper, The Evanston Advocate; moved to back to Utah to become the publisher and owner of the San Juan Record (in Monticello, Utah - a newspaper started by Oscar McConkie  Sept. 29, 1915, when he was the San Juan County Attorney, before he became a judge in Salt Lake City). He wrote several sports articles for the Spectrum in St. George, then became Classified Ad Manager and wrote for Murray Eagle Newspapers. He became a writer for Humboldt Beacon in Fortuna, CA.  He then wrote sports for the Provo Daily Herald, and then he 'kind-of' retired for a period in 2012, running for Utah Senate District 16 seat.     

Hard  Worker, Politically Active and Involved

       Between newspaper jobs, he also held positions with TSA at the Salt Lake Airport, Security Guard at the State Fair one year, graveyard shift Security Guard in the Uintah Basin (for a stacked out rig), and security guard for properties in Salt Lake Valley; a corporate buyer for Enrich International (a Utah County Nutritional & Cosmetic MLM, now called Unicity), the for Close To My Heart (a Utah County Scrapbooking MLM); and a couple of miscellaneous jobs.  

        During those same media years he was politically active, being elected to be a County Delegate and a State Delegate in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. He ran for Duchesne County School Board and assisted in several political campaigns.  In 2000, living again back in Provo, he was one of the Utah County Democrats to file for every race in the County (as was John Curtis) - the last time this happened was 50 years previous AND it hasn't happened since  . . . He ran for the open seat of retiring Rep. Snow (Dist. 58) losing to Jim Ferrin, the GOP candidate in the General Election. In 2012 he ran against the 12 year incumbant, Curt Bramble, and again lost. In between those races he worked with the Communications Committee of the County party, working with the Provo Herald on a public information campaign entitled "I'm your neighbor and I'm a Utah County Democrat." 

      He has also helped on several other campaigns, Karen Hyer's run against Jason Chaffetz (for this same 3rd Dist. Congressional seat), Doug Owen's first campaign against Mia Love, a Provo city council race and mayoral race by Jason Christensen, etc.  In 2016, he was the Lt. Gov. candidate for the INDEPENDENT AMERICAN PARTY  . . .  AND, now he is running (literally) against John Curtisfor Chaffetz' former Congressional Seat (Utah's Third Congressional District).

        NOW, it is up to you!  His future is in YOUR hands between now and Nov. 6th, Election Day.  Read on and see what we want to do, pledge to attempt to do and to be, perhaps, the lone example of the ROLE OF PROPER GOVERNMENT for the rest of Congress and especially the UTAH Congressional Delegation .  .  .  who are all members of the GOP "RED COAT" contingent!

Gregory C. Duerden is a man with experience and leadership in business and in the military.  As one military evaluation put it: "He is a common man of uncommon leadership."  He wants to put his talents and ideas to work for Utah and all of its citizens!

Gregory C. Duerden is an experienced businessman, having been a writer, photographer, reporter, editor, managing editor, publisher and owner of newspapers in Utah; working at newspapers in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, California over the past 40+ years. He has also been a reporter for KSL radio (Salt Lake City), and KVEL radio (Vernal), and news director for KDBL (Rifle, CO), as well as an on-air TV reporter for Grassroots TV in Aspen, Co.

    He has also started ten (10) different businesses over the past 40+ years, from Associated Investigations to Rootsfinder.net., from Do-It Marketing to Zavadu Syndicate, from Dolls 'n' Arms or Duerden's Doll Repair to Church Rock Publications, and more.   

     in addition he has written several Native American law books (none published yet - one on jurisdictional law, one on tribal energy policies, and one on tribal gaming issues), several LDS books (none published yet either, one on the Proxy Principle used in the Law of Sacrifice, the Atonement, the Temple ordinances for the Dead, and in families; one on the prophecies leading up to the Second Coming and how many have been fulfilled; one on the Nuclear Isaiah prophecies) and several courses on family history and Amereican Heraldry.    



​Newspaperman, Broadcaster, Veteran,

Top 'Tail-Gunner',  ​Politically Active,  

       and a Life-long Conservative