​Politically Active and Aware

Gregory C. Duerden

Solutions Overview

    An Education Solution -    getting Public Education BACK into the Local &                         State's hands & responsibility                     

    Infastructure Solution -  Funding highway repairs and new construction -                        targeting bridges etc - not just in urban areas but equally in rural too!


   Accountability of Elected Officials - Equal and equitable enforcement of                            Campaign Finance Laws, Establishing a Common Sense Campaign                     Finance Cap (2X the annual salary for each office),

 State Public Integrity -   working hard to raise the grade of Public Integrity from                   the D-  grade - with all too many F's (7 Fs actually) - we currently own,                   under Herbert and His 'RED COATS' 

 Lowering Taxes on the Federal Level by real cuts to government spending        ​                  thereby cutting the budget!

    Keeping the Congressional Spending UNDER CONTROL  -  oh my!!

    Federal Debt Imbalance - a real national security issue !!

   National Defense and Military Funding  (removing the 'Sequester' Penalty)

   The Proper Role of Government (Federal, State, Local)

  MORE  Separation of State & Corporations, Gov't. should not be in 'bed' with                        or competing with businesses but rather be more separate from

                   each other, yet helping each other !!

                   LESS Separation of Church and State, which is actually a                                     misbegotten concept since government was instituted by God for                         His children (look at the Old Testament !) - including the mis-quoting                     of Thomas Jefferson on this subject !! 


Gregory C. Duerden is a man of the people, a leader, a man of integrity, a family leader, a good husband, a better father, a grand-father, and a great-grandfather, literally!​  He is the father & "father" of 18 children (he literally fathered four girls and two boys blending along the way 12 step-children), thereby claiming 72 grandchildren (and counting), five great-grandchildren (and counting)!!  That's a whole lot of birthdays, anniversaries, spouses birthdays and events to remember - thank goodness for spreadsheets!​  As Proverbs says,  "Happy is the man with his quiver full"  .  .  .   so Duerden should be elated !!

What We Offer 


Gregory C. Duerden

The A-B-Cs of my platform, which includes:

A - Accountability of Elected Officials &                                     "The Proper Role of Government"

​B - Better Jobs, better Econ. Dev. choices

C - Current Economy, Jobs, and the concept of                       Econ. Dev. giveaways  .  .  .  WHY?

      Cutting Back Government thereby cutting Taxes!

D - Defending the Right!

      Debt Imbalance on a Federal Scale

      Defense & Military, Funding a good & strong Military

E -  Ethics in Utah and in Congress - a real windmill !!

      Eliminating Sales Tax on food, nationally!                

F - Federal Dependance, DEBT & Financial Burden               Federal Nullification a Constitutional Solution

     Federal Debt Imbalance REVERSAL!

G - *Gun Rights, we support the full 2nd Amendment               including reforming State Militias                                         GRAMA, from Utah's National Model tweeked into             a 21st Century 'Platypus ' by Legislature, getting               back to a National Model

H -  History of HARM done by the 'Red Coats' -  aka:               Govermental Mis-Steps, errors and disasters State           and National (indludes several Dems, too)

 I -   Independent & Unaffiliated Voters have a REAL                     Home in the IAP !!!

       Infastructure investment & State shares

​ K -  Keeping the Congressional Spending Under                      Control - whew, another giant windmill !!

 L  -  Leadership: true, principled, real leadership                       not a go-along to get-along follower !

 N  -  National Defense and Military Funding 

 S  -  Separation of Church & State (pro-Religious                        Freedom)

         Separation of Govt. & Corps  (anti-Facism)

​..........  for more details please go to the ISSUES page!

  Utah hasn't had true 'leadership' in the last several decades in either Congress or the Senate nor in other Statewide offices.  

    Ask yourself what did Jake Garn do in his term in Congress ?  (deregulate banks, opening the way to the mortgage fiasco and the bank bailout, getting a 'free' ride into space and the 'vomit comet?')  Or Howard Nielsen?  OR Gunn McKay, or . . .  the list goes on.  What has Jason Chaffetz done, other than irritate the Democrats and make headlines for himself.  Luckily, for us, John Curtis has only be there for less than half-a-year and the 'Red Coat' leadership (McConnell & Company) won't let 'freshmen'  DO  ANYTHING significant or too damaging !


     Duerden has been a leader all of his life.  He is the oldest of four sons, leading the way for his brothers.  He joined the military and was given an annual evaluation, in the US Air Force, which called him a 'common man of uncommon leadership.'   He is a veteran, a good family man, a good provider as a businessman, a grandparent and great-grandparent who has served many communities in the State of Utah - helping to provide the necessary information everyone in  a community needs, deserves and can use - as a community newspaperman for over 40 years.  Being a watchdog of government for 40 years (not like so many governmental lap-dogs we have now), and now desiring to turn government into its proper ethical role through proper compassionate conservative, principled centered leadership.

     These compassionate conservative principles are found in the Bible and are both God-given principles and values as well as gospel-centered values and principles augmented with good ideas and principles of good conservative thinkers.

     Native born Utahn, raised and educated in Utah, with deep pioneer roots here in Utah; he and his family are trying to make Utah a better place to raise grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as a better place for all the citizens of Utah!  He recognized greatness of the past, here in Utah (2002 Olympics, the original Utah GRAMA legislation, etc.)  but there seems to be a real lack of greatness in government recently - at both the State and National levels!!  But  Duerden can change all that and restore some of the best of Utah!