​Politically Active and Aware

Gregory C. Duerden

Utah and the Nation has suffered for too long with only traditional thinking by the GOP (Rep.) majority party (I call them 'Red Coats' for their tyranny) when what we need is thinking outside the 'tax and spend'  box for real solutions to issues such as:

 PUBLIC Lands, Economic Development & JOBS, Infastructure, GRAMA & Public Records, Government Transparancy, QUALITY of air/water/economy/lands - both Public and State owned, Governmental Accountability and Public Integrity, PUBLIC ETHICS, et al.

 We Think outside the box and we have come   up with several real solutions for Utah's issues

Experienced businessman, veteran, a retired newspaperman - covering Utah politics for over 40 years - and broadcaster (news director, reporter).  Former CEO of Wasatch Peak Heritage, LLC; former CEO and Managing Partner of Churchrock Publications; Founder & Chairman of the Board of Do-it Marketing, entrepreneur who started service businesses (family history research firm, doll hospital business, American Heraldry center, etc.) and a P.R. business, an Investigation business, and consulting business. 


We want to thank all those who supported our past campaigns

and all those who voted for us!  And we hope you will all continue

to support our current campaign for Utah's Congressional seat

for the Third District (from Heber and Wallsburg to Bluff & Mexican Hat,                                                                  SE Salt Lake Valley - Cottonwood, Sandy, Draper - through Lehi, A.F., P.G.,

Lindon, Provo, Orem, Vineyard to Green River, Price to Moab, on to

Monticello, Blanding, Bluff, the Utah-Strip - SE Salt Lake County, Utah County,

Wasatch County, Carbon County, Emery County, Grand County, San Juan County -

and all the area in-between.


                                 WHAT SETS US APART ??


One specific area which separates us from our opponents are our proven conservative values and principles, UNLIKE  the incumbent opponent who wants to say he is a 'conservative' but can't prove it by his actions!  We believe in a favorite saying of Pres. George Washington, "DEEDS not words!"     So,what do the deeds of our SEVEN MONTH incumbent, John Curtis,  tell us??

In 2017, Curtis claims he "lowered taxes" and "limited government" while Mayor of Provo, yet the facts prove otherwise.  Provo's budget grew every year he was Mayor, and HE signed off on each budget!  Government grew each and every year he was Mayor.  His ACTIONS  tell us he is either a 'Progressive' Republican or a Liberal Democrat - he is anything but a 'conservative.'    He has proven his values and principles by his actions NOT his words.   He has also proven he is a true 'politican' [UPDATE!!] in the Republican Debate with Chris Harrod John claimed to have lowered "property taxes" during his term ... that wasn't what he said last year!!  AND even that isn't true!!  "Deeds NOT Words"  JOHN!!

Provo City, under Curtis,  has never seen a tax or fee it hasn't adopted, during his term as Mayor.  Provo and Orem municipal governments both adopted and have instituted the less-than-'beloved'BRT, or Bus Rapid Transit, an idea from the Mountainland Association of Governments - which Curtis chaired at the time of the concept becoming public, 'bless their pointed little bureaucratic heads.'  BRT is the cause of ALL the less-than-'lovely' construction along University Parkway, AND University Avenue ... adding two dedicated bus lanes down the middle of University Ave and Parkway from BYU to UVU.  This multi-million-dollar debacle will never pay for itself or be financially viable - Mark My Words!!  Who puts bus lanes in the MIDDLE of the road?? THAT concept HAS NO sense at all!!  ​How well has it worked in SLC with Trax in the middle of the roads (hint: several accidents and deaths, et al.

BRT is literally the legacy of the Curtis years as Mayor of Provo.  Remember this less-than-lovely-legacy come Nov. 6th and tell Curtis 'Thank You' by voting for Greg Duerden for CONGRESS.  Maybe he will get the message!

                                                                                          Curtis' Non-'Conservative' DEEDS !!

Curtis, as mayor, forgave NuSkin a $1 million debt owed to Provo City - which NuSkin was set to pay for building on and taking over the First West roadway between Center and First South.  Curtis has also had other corporate dealings which prove he is not worthy to be an elected representative, yet he was elected in 2017 and is facing his first full term in Congress this November.  We stand opposed to that candidacy!! 

By these DEEDS, and more, Curtis has provenis his true nature, his true NON-Conservative mind-set, the fact he is a politican who lies to the voters just so he will be re-elected  (Curtis is an "Effective" Liar, an "Engaged" Liar, and an "Experienced" Liar -  at least that is what his signs tell me) - we all know, a professional politician who lies is NOTHING NEW here in UTAH, especially the 'RED COAT' politicians like Curtis, Herbert, et al.  Yet the voters keep sending these liars BACK to office.  But a voter's short memory are the incumbent's favorite tool, because it means whatever they do, the voters don't remember and tend to vote them back into office anyway.

Curtis is a professional politician, looking for a bigger job with more power and the potential for more money to fund it.  He is NOT a public servant but loves feeding at the public trough!  Is Curtis transparent about his past??  Not just Action Target and Provo, but do you know about his involvement in six (6) sexual harassment complaints??  He hasn't made any public disclosure or explanation about them has he?  Four (4) documented sexual harassment complaints NAMING HIM (from his days as Action Target's COO); his mis-handling of two (2) complaints: one as Mayor of Provo concerning the  Provo Police Chief, Curtis is named in the sexual harassment lawsuit filed in Provo in March of this year (2018) and one complaint given to him by his 2017 campaign manager about another volunteer was botched so bad his campaign manager quit in October just before the November Special Election. 

WE, however, have over 40 years in multiple workplaces with no hint of any such 'complaints.'  WE REMEMBER many issues and problems in Utah Politics.  And we know more than we can explain here.  WE also believe in the pioneer values of hard-work, faith in God,  honesty andintegrity. We also believe (again) in Washington's favorite saying of "DEEDS not words!" So what has our current crop of 'Red Coats' (Curtis) and his fellow 'Red Coats' within Congress and within the State of Utah actually done?? We need  'Deeds that help, NOT harm the State of Utah' .  .  .  let's see one LESSER known example:

UTAH's PUBLIC INTEGRITY grade is a 'D-'  ??


     Did you realize the Utah Public Integrity grade we have is a "D-" ??  In 2015 the non-profit Center for Public Integrity graded all 50 states, again  - as they also did in 2012. Utah received a "D" grade in 2012, with four (4) "F" grades! But in 2015 we slipped to a "D-" and had seven (7) failinggrades!!  OUCH!  

     What is even worse is that one of those seven (7) failing grades, yes "F" grades(!), was for the Executive Accountability  -  who is our state's Chief Executive?  Gov. Gary Herbert!!  He was our Governor for BOTH of these GRADES! In 2012, a "D," and in 2015 a "D-"  .  .  .  as well as a big  "F" for HIS "accountability!!" And this stain trickles down to Mayors, Legislators, and officers of the State's 'ruling Red Coats,' et al!! 

       We ask you, is that an acceptable grade for Utah and the ruling GOP 'RED COAT' candidates?  We don't think so !!   We seem to be going downhill when we believewe should be leading the nation in PUBLIC INTEGRITY!!  What have the elected 'Red Coat' officers done about it ??  Pushed it under the rug!! They haven't said a word in three to six years about it either, so much for TRANSPARENCY!!

     We received "Fs", in 2015, for Campaign Financing*, Ethics Enforcement Agencies*, State Civil Service Management, State Pension Fund Management, Lobbying Disclosure, Judicial Accountability AND EXECUTIVE ACCOUNTABLITY!!  (* Campaign Financing and Ethics Enforcement Agencies were also 'Fs' in 2012, when we were ranked 36th in the Nation with four (4) Fs and only one (1)A - for Internal Auditing, yeah!) For 2015 we were ranked 25th in the Nation (the middle of the pack) with seven (7) Fs and, again, only one (1) A  -  this time it was for the State Budget Process, which went up from a B- in 2012 [the other two areas we received Fs, in 2012, were  Redistricting and Legislative Accountability.  There was no redistricting in 2015 and the Legislative Accountability went up to a D+ in 2015.]. 

     In October 2016, another group (the conservative Cato Institute) came out and gave Gov. Herbert another Dfor his rapid budget growth [the state budget growth by almost seven percent (7%) in 2015 and by more than nine percent (9%) in 2016], RAISING TAXES [ YES, the GOP 'Red Coats' say they are against taxes and want to cut the size of government but 'their lips are moving!' And what do they do, Raise taxes AND...] and increasing the size of Utah government​ [ the size of government “soared under Herbert, growing 20% since he took office in mid-2009”] That makes two (2) groups, independently contradicting our Governor's mantra that Utah is so "well managed" and has a "steady hand on the tiller of state."  Cough, hack, urp!!

                                                                            AND THEN THERE IS THE DEBT LOAD ON UTAHNS

                                                                        ( -  IN OUR ... OH, SO VERY 'WELL MANAGED' STATE  - )

      If we are so "well managed" WHY is Utah getting an 'F' in BOTH State Pension Fund Management AND State Civil Service Management? Don't GOOD Managers take care of their people, right??  Ask State employees IF THEY are being well taken care of or are they OVER-managed, OVER-worked????

      WHY is Utah indebted to the tune of  $45.6 BILLION ($9.9 Billion of which is unfunded pension and retirement liability AND it doesn't show up on any state balance sheets plus the $34.7 Billion in bond debt) that totals $12,000+ for every man, woman and child in the STATE! Vote them ALL back back into office and tell them "THANK YOU may I have another?" 

     Don't get me started on the Federal DEBT ...  Congressional out-of-control spending,  pork-barrel legislation like the 2018 budget bill (for FY2019) which had too many 'deal sweeteners' (aka: pet project 'pork') such as McConnell's favorite: a tax break for Berea College (a small private college in McConnell's home state of Kentucky), hefty special interest tax provisions for television and film companies and NASCAR, credits for wind energy facilities, fuel cell projects, a hybrid solar lighting deduction, debt forgiveness for railroad maintenance, mine rescue training payments, excise tax re-payments to rum producers in P.R. and the U.S. VIrgin Islands, etc.  This budget will add $17.4 Billion to the deficit AND raises the debt ceiling for another year . . . talk about postponing 'paying the piper(!!),'  AGAIN!!  SORRY (!), THIS budget is NOT an accomplishment, it is their Constitutional DUTY!!   I'm just saying!!

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Duerden was President of the 'Young Americans for Freedom' clear back in High School!  He ran for a School Board seat in Duchesne County back in the 1980s, then ran for an open seat for the Utah Legislature in 2000, as a Utah Valley Conservative Democrat. Ran for Utah Senate in 2012, again as a Blue-Dog Conservative Dem.  In 2016 ran for Lt. Gov. on the Independent American Party (of Utah) ticket.  Now he is setting his sights on Congress looking to set a proper example and teach the 'Proper Role of Government' to them.

A Dedicated Lifelong Conservative

     Politically active, knowledgeable lifelongConservative, Principled, Native Utahn

                                   and 'Conservative Solution' oriented

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